Need help getting raw audio data from loaded audio file


so my first post on this forum:)
im trying to get raw audio data from a loaded .wav file in openframeworks
i thought this would be easy using ofSoundStream and ofSoundPlayer

but i can’t seem to figure it out…
although this sounds to me like a really basic option

Im kind of hoping somebody could help me out here:)

I feel you pain.

If you want to access the audio data of a wav file, take a look at this addon

if you want a audio player that can access/modify the audio buffer, take a look at this addon

Also with ofxMaxim you can access raw audio data. There are quite a lot of tutorials around about how to use it

Does getting raw audio data also include the asynchronous access to audio data, hence, reading the entire wave form at the beginning for asynchronous processing?

Does anybody have found a way to accomplish this with ofMaxim or ofxAudioFile?

It is even possible to access raw audio with ofSoundStream but only synchronous via audioOut()

I am looking for an asynchronous way. Any suggesstions?