Need advice on how to generate dylib files for ffmpeg use with OF0.11.2

I have been using ofxHapPlayer successfully on many macOS computers.
But when trying to compile the example with OF 0.11.2 (because I want to use it on macOS Big Sur) I get many error messages related to architecture arm64 requirements.

ld: warning: ignoring file ../../../addons/ofxHapPlayer/libs/ffmpeg/lib/osx/libswresample.2.3.100.dylib, missing required architecture arm64 in file ../../../addons/ofxHapPlayer/libs/ffmpeg/lib/osx/libswresample.2.3.100.dylib (2 slices)

Does anyone know how to generate updated .dylib files for ffmpeg?
An other idea is, to try to use ofxHapPlayer with the static build and avoid the need for the dynamic libraries ?

as a next step I installed MacPorts and then
ffmpeg sudo port install ffmpeg
snappy sudo port install snappy

  • went to /opt/local/lib/ and copied newer .dylib files in to ofxHapPlayer’s lib folder.
  • went to /opt/local/include/ and copied newer .h files in to ofxHapPlayer’s include folder.

now I get this error about macOS-x86_64 and macOS-arm64

ld: warning: ignoring file ../../../addons/ofxHapPlayer/libs/snappy/lib/osx/libsnappy.1.1.9.dylib, building for macOS-x86_64 but attempting to link with file built for macOS-arm64