Need a fast opinion: Kinect accelerometer broken?

I bought this Kinect a week ago and I’m now trying out the ofxKinect from here
Even though the Kinect is NOT moving anywhere, the Accelerometer info says:
accel is: -1.07 / 9.23 / 0.06

I think it is broken, should I replace it?
Shouldn’t the ofxKinect example display 0 / 0 / 0 when not moving?
Sorry for the hurry and thank you :slight_smile:

hm, as a physicist I have to pitch in and say that the gravitational acceleration of Earth is 9.81 m/s^2, and your accelerometer puts out 9.29 (vector length) - close enough, I’d say. :wink: [this of course assumes that the kinects gives the right units, and does in fact not subtract the gravitational pull of the earth]

wow… I did not expect that but you would be right then…

I’ve rotated it 90° to both other axes and the value shows up on the other axisssssss. Yes, you seem to be totally right.
I kinda expectect the value to be internally compensated but I guess not. Might this value just be compensated by software then?
So ofxKinnect would read the raw value being mesured, I guess.
Thank you very much!