navigating in a 3D space

hi all :wink:

here from Interactivos08 in MediaLab Madrid.

we’re developping a project that is based on a navigation trough a 3D space.

i’ve been reading a lot on it on OpenGL books but still i’m getting confused on how to do it properly . I get confussed because ofSetupScreen() is always called and as i understand it i interfers the source code examples i’ve found on the net.

* has anybody a simple example of how to implement a simple 3D navigation app inside OF ?? (we’ll just be moving in the XZ plane)

* is it possible to implement it without modifing ofAppGlutGlue() with just a proper call to glRotate and glTranslate as the first functions inside draw() ?

any help will be much appreciated …
and it’s not nice to say, but … it’s kind of urgent !!

we’ve just a week left and we’ve already lost 2 days on this issue … dammm !!

many thanks from the project team … .


hey eloi!

I’m getting into 3d now too. how did you get it to work finally? any pointers?



hi eloi.

here: is a source for an app i made (which is here, and it uses a camera class. in that class there is a function called “place” which just places the camera, if you use it in the draw function it overrides the settings defined in ofSetupScreen() (which is called right before the draw function), its not the fastest way because you’re calling the same comands twice but it does the trick without changing anything else.

the code on that class is based on this one right here…-t=ofcamera

that class i made is kinda specific to that application but hopefully this can be a starting point :slight_smile: