nativePathNameToFSSpec on windows

There are a bug using a QuictimeVideoSaver on windows when for second time the app get the path using nativePathNameToFSSpec function.

I’ve commented this error here

I don’t know how solve it, Is possible clean the Fsspec ?

hi !

I’ve seen that first post and will take a look when I can. there isn’t a need to post again…

that code is not a part of OF, proper, or even an addon, so it’s not really appropriate in this area (bugs / errors).

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It’s true. I had forgotten it.

no worries!!

trying to keep the forum clean a bit :slight_smile: as mush as we can. I’ll try to look at the windows thing shortly. good if you can post a zip of the problem project (and how to get the problem) on the other, earlier thread…

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