Native iPad camera resolution not detected, smaller field of view

I am using ofVideoGrabber to capture and show (bypass) the iPad camera in realtime.

I can’t initialize the ofVideoGrabber with the native 2592x1936 resolution.

Also when using the full HD 1920x1080 (is not supporting any other than 1280x720) is not the same image quality and frame size. ( I mean it only shows a fraction of all the frame/field of view showed on the native iOS camera.)

Should I make some “customization” to ofVideoGrabber or use another kind of class?

Yeah you will have to change the iOSVideoGrabber class and implement it use 1920x1080 if available.

I aware of this issue, however I notice there is no issue on the git repo.

@moebiussurfing could you make an issue on describing what is missing.

Thanks @danoli3!

Do you mean to change from ofVideoGrabber to iOSVideoGrabber too? Or this is made by OF internally?

Finally I used an Apple example in Objective-C to make some testing. It worked a lot more fluid (FPS) and it has implemented the internal “filters” like exposition, ISO, focus…etc (AVCamManualUsingtheManualCaptureAPI).

I think that to use the 2592x1936 resolution it must be used the photo mode (not video). I saw another photo example to get this resolution.