Naming an ofThread

Is there a way to name an ofThread something besides a number? I looked around and couldn’t find a public method to set the name, but I’m finding it very confusing to keep track of which thread number corresponds to which class.


What do you mean? You provide the name when you declare the object in the declaration file:

MyThread threadName;

Here the name defined when you define the object? The documentation has a good example on its usage

Can you provide a code example of what you’re trying to do?

I haven’t tested this, but you can get access to the poco thread (what ofThread is based on) and use the setName function:


some info about poco’s thread here:

Zach hit it on the nose – I want to be able to name the actual thread for debug purposes. I didn’t realize that I could do it through getPocoThread(), but that makes a lot of sense – thanks Zach!