[N/A] OF / Emscripten expert needed in London or Boston

EDIT: this position has now been filled.

Minimum 1 week project, starting ASAP

We’re looking for an expert in OpenFrameworks and the nuances of converting OF code to JS using Emscripten.

The successful applicant will be working with a small team in either Boston or London, liaising with the core team in the US undertaking investigatory work into the feasibility of converting an existing OpenFrameworks project onto the web. The focus will be converting a small chunk of OF code into JS, ensuring it is accessible by adding a JS interface.

• Experience with OpenFrameworks / C++ required
• Previous Emscripten knowledge strongly beneficial.
• Experience with Face, and landmark/feature recognition beneficial.

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I will to be part of team in converting OF code to JS .
I have 10 years of coding experience

Please let me know


Very sorry Deep, this position has no been filled! thank you though

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Ni issues…Mark !
You can keep my reference for future reference or requirement, if any