My sketch going slower with OF_FULLSCREEN than OF_WINDOW

I’m developing an sketch that create circles like waves when users press a key, it works fine with OF_WINDOW, but when I set OF_FULLSCREEN on main.cpp and I press many times the key, it going slower and slower.

I watch another questions but I can’t found a possible solution.

If I understood another answer, I put 1920,1080,OF_FULLSCREEN that is my desktop resolution, but this din’t work.

I’m working with a fbo with aplha rectangle to “clear” each scene.

I don’t have separate graphic card, it could be the problem?. I don’t create more than 500 circles.

I’m working on a linux mint sahara system (64 bits)

This is my code in main.cpp

int main( ){
ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768,OF_WINDOW); // <-------- setup the GL context

ofRunApp(new ofApp());


can you try if you have the same problem using the nightly builds? Also it’s normal that the application is slightly slower if the window size is bigger

I seem to remember that calling ofGetWidth() and ofGetHeight() was really slow for me at one point when in full screen mode… not sure if it still is but it might be worth checking

yeah that’s a problem in 0.9.8 which should be fixed in the nightly builds but i think that happened no matter if the app was windowed or fullscreened

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OK, now it’s working.

It fixed with nightly builds as you said Arturo.

Thanks a lot =D

nightly builds

Is ‘nightly build’ the master branch of oF?

Sorry I didn’t understand your question but that I did was:

  1. Download the nightly build

  2. Overwrite my OF curte y folder Edith themis content of the nightly build

  3. Copy my apps fondee with my sketches

  4. Run the and for linux ubuntu (these instruccions you can find in file)

  5. Compile OF

  6. Maje my sketch again

And that’s all.

I hope this help you too.

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I’m a beginner, but I think the master branch is not ‘build’.
You have to get the nightly builds from the main openFrameworks download page, or here:

otherwise it seems to miss files.
If someone can explain what is the difference I would appreciate.

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@CCx266 is right. The nightly builds are at the linked page From the filename you can deduct the date of the build.

To work using the most recent version of openFrameworks (that contains the most recent fixes, but also the most recent features, that may be unstable at the moment), you have to build openFrameworks. There are instruction at this page.

@lethalrush, I suggest you to use the nightly build

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