My proyect isn't working in a diferent computer, what can I do?

See, I changed of pc last week, and I’m trying to get my proyect to work again.

I moved the folder that contains all the code, even the solution, but it has a lot of errors when I compile it, like not finding the declaration of the strings even when they are declared with an “#include string” in the “.h” file. and so on.

This proyect is like 2 years old, and I don’t want to start all over again because of this.

How can I solve this?


Did you install OpenFrameworks on the new computer? Is it the same version?


Yeah, it’s the same version.

And I noticed that, if I wanted to work in a new solution, it doesn’t compile either…

Can you post the relevant part of the errors you get?

What OS and development environment are you using?

(For example, if it is Windows and Visual Studio 2017, you might want to delete the hidden “.vs” folder that Visual Studio builds in each project folder, since you may have an old version created by the previous VS installation which may have specific paths etc that aren’t accurate on the new machine.)

However since you are also not able to build new projects, I would hope it’s just a setup configuration problem. Maybe carefully re-follow the setup guide for your dev environment.

hey @NW2652, did you re created the project file with Project Generator right?
you can try to delete all the files inside your project folder except /src, /data and addons.make and try to re create the project with PG.
you can try too to install dependencies or run scripts like describe in OF website guides…
if you are using OF 0.9.8 (i.e.) try to download the zip from the OF website and just place your project and used addons.
good luck