my project can't find the lids


This is an XCode question, from MacOS 10.5.2, XCode 3.1.2.

i moved the location of my openFrameworks project folder from the apps/examples/ folder to a different work folder located in my home directory. I am trying to change the relative paths of the projects included folders (openFrameworks, lib, etc.) so that the project will find all includes. I tried to do this by going “get file info” on the top level included folders and choosing the path in the info window (“Choose”). But this change does not propagate to the folders and files included in the folder whose path I want to change. Is there a way to change the paths of all items included in the folder?

How does one change the location of an openFrameworks project folder and still keep the ability to compile?


you might want to move (or re post) your post in the xcode forum. this is for codeblocks (win)!