my posts are being marked as 'spam'

I’m not sure where else to post this, but I have a long post for the advanced forum that is marked as spam.

I’m not sure why. Would it be because I have never posted in the advanced forum before? Because I have a toque on? I’m wearing reactionary red shoelaces?

Or is it that it was a long post that had a full code of what my program/problem/question is about?

(I hope it’s not my shoelaces. girls like the red laces, man)

I think it’s the automatic filtering software that, from time to time, makes errors: the admins will probably put your posts back in place :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue… I posted over 4 days ago on a topic of “ofxMaxim && Xcode” in the beginners section and it still hasn’t shown up. I dont want to be that guy that makes the same post 4 - 5 times. I understand that everyone here is on their time but something should be done on this automatic “spam” thing… how bout putting a captcha on initial topic post that might help.

Some help would be nice… Thank you.