My OF0.8.0 experience (problem with accepting SHIFT button chars)

Hi, yesterday I downloaded OF_v_0.8.0, thanks for the great work on the GLFW!

here are some minor things:

I noticed that all the SHIFT button characters are not working
(on mac -osx10.8.4 I don’t know what the case is in other versions… )

For example if you try

::keyPressed(int key){


cout<<’@’<<" /@"<<endl;


Nothing happens…

and if you print the key char it doesn’t print all SHIFT CHARS (@%£@£%@£$^@)


**open the ‘oscChatSystemExample’ to see if this happens to you…

another weird bug that I’ve noticed is that on ofBeginSaveScreenAsPDF

the exported pdf has a weird glitch… in the upper left corner

it’s basically a rect with no fill and a zigzag line, if I use bigger line width it affects it…

![]( Shot 2013-09-08 at 6.57.04 PM.png)

The pdfExample looks fine when I run it, though I’m not on 10.8.4 I can’t imagine that would be the cause of the problems. Have you done anything to the project itself or is it exactly as downloaded?

Hi josh!
0.8.0 didn’t work outside the box for (10.8.4) and I had to change some target Build settings (once in one project)to make it compile, but that is normal I had similar issues with almost all OF versions… but beside that I didn’t change anything.

Same for the PDF example or the oscChatSystemExample (special character problem)

…regarding the pdf example, the white pic is from my own project and the other directly from the example,

These 3 problems happen only on 080, 074 works just fine

Here is a compiler output of printing out SHIFT+1-10 in of074(grey)and 080

notice that when I press shift key returns 2 values 2304+2306

![]( Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.44.09 PM.png)

I just tested oscChatSystemExample and PdfExample on Windows Visual Studio, and we have the same problem… all Shift Characters (!@£$%^&*()) are dead

And pdf creates a very disturbing glitch

![]( Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.36.28 PM.png)

this Shift character thing sounds like a bug and/or usage change since the introduction of GLFW - could you open an issue at

yeah… you are absolutely right if I compile with Glut everything works properly , except the PDF example

Also another bug is the ofSetEscapeQuitsApp that doesn’t work either… nor OF_KEY_ESC

I checked a bit inside, they are called correctly but GLFW seems to have allocated some keys in a weird way and it quits first…

I added a bIssue