my name is Brian

who are you?

My name is Brian, who I am is an interesting question, although i still may be looking for the answer to that myself.

where are you from?
I live / am from Rhode Island, USa
anyone else from nearby??

what are you up to?
Looking to get into openframeworks, ive been doing code since 19 (im 28 now) mostly self-taught and more often than not have found myself working w/ processing and eclipse ide.

what are you doing with openframeworks?
i’d like to do something with openframeworks that i can feel sucessfull with, and hopefully better interact with my community / friends here.

what would you like to do with openframeworks?
still trying to get past the part in codeblocks where adding new source files to an OF project just to get started is being tricky (im used to eclipse) now if i could just figure out how to add new source files properly… i like things to become more modular and easier to keep adding new functionality to a super-program of my creation, so far this has been difficult (processing in general) oh but i do have some experience in c/c++ from earlier days. i’d like to comment on this more as whta i would like to do, i like things that operate in riddim (rhythm) with me. rhythm of keystrokes and mouse movements to develope interactive code and dynamic user-defined application?

look forward to meeting you!