my list of personal requests for openFrameworks world

hi all,

ive only been using oF on and off for a wee while. but im more gun-ho to get some things done now, and have a few ideas for openFrameworks.
ive sent some to zach lieberman, but feel it would be good to just start my own list of requests. ive done this on a few forums, it saves making a new post in every idea/request i may i have.
this will grow the more i think about what i would like to see.
if possible, can people not do a chat on this, i dont want it to detract [but you can direct me to things that may exist already] from the initial point of this post, which is my own little requests, but +1 on things is cool :wink: thanks.

• for projectGenerator. allow to have simple things like ‘fullscreen’ as an option, which then inserts in the code on creating.
• for projectGenerator. to allow the project name [or a secondary name] to also affect the good ol’ ‘testApp’ name. so it makes it project specific. it also makes things look a ton more professional. this was also mailed to zach.
• its all well and good checking the documentation online. but sometimes [like just a few days ago for myself], you dont have a network to just check quickly on things. how about constructing a manual type thing from the documentation, but it updates when connected online if changes have been made.

aside from those, i cant think of the rest i did have before. but its more a start :wink:


hey Lewis,

I would say a huge +1 on all of these.
For the project generator stuff - it would be good to add as issues / or submit a Pull Request to:

For the documentation - this is definitely a goal.
I think simply including a static version of the docs in each release could be the easiest to achieve.
Either pdf or local html.

Feel free to add an issue here:

All the best!

I would second adding a PDF/HTML version of the docs. Though the headers are usually self-documenting and the docs are still a little thin, I’ve been on a plane numerous times and thought: “man, I wish I could look that up”.

im just in the works of making a html copy for the time being. ill post it up on another forum post when im done with it

didn’t we already have a link to a pdf/html version of the docs?

ive never come across them myself.
but anyhow, ive finished doing a html doc for them. and they are available here in the resources topic


Thank you @leed.
Based on your html documentation I created epub format (for iOS devices) and PDF.



Ehy, this is great i ve just donloaded the .pdf doc … thanks it 'is very useful. This pdf should be added in the OF doc html pages!

about the Project Generator: it is needed a scrolling behaviour for the Gui if you have a lot of addons became crazy(impossible) to choose the needed addon…

another 2 requests for the projectGenerator. a nice simple ones

• to have the location of ‘where’ you will create the new project, remember what you chose for the next time.
• a presets option. for projects you have created before, or to make new presets for upcoming projects.

@dorald. if i didnt say before, ‘thanks’ for converting to pdf and html

something which does get a bit annoying.
when creating a new project and you add in addons. some addons NEED the ofxXMLsettings addon. BUT, the problem, is that you cant really remember all of the addons that use it

• have a list in projectGenerator that states what addon use certain other addons to work right. this can be done by the devs of the addons, as they know best.

I’ll second the last request. Forgive me if I missed a standard elsewhere, but it’d be great to have a standard dependency system for addons. There’s always the install.xml?

install.xml is on the way out afaik. addon dependencies are part of the new makefile system which will land in OF soon(ish).

this one is a dead simple one. seems my requests are for projectGenerator. well, got to start somewhere

• rename the projectGenerator application to ‘projectGenerator’, instead of ‘emptyExampleDebug’. it can still have ‘debug’ in if you want :wink:


I don’t know what you are talking about, when I compile the PG, the binary is called “projectGenerator” or “projectGenerator_debug”, depending on if I say “make” or “make debug”. :stuck_out_tongue:

the lesson to be learned here, probably, is that if you have lots of requests, to formulate them a bit more precisely, especially considering OF is a multi-platform, multi-IDE endeavour, and nobody will automagically know what platform/IDE/version you are on… :wink:

excuse me. on osx;)

oh, and xcode 4.6 :wink: