My games made with OF - a thank you

Hi guys,

Wanted to say thanks to the openFrameworks community for this amazing toolkit. I’ve been using it for 6 years now for all kinds of game projects, from iOS games to PC Steam games and it just works :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of projects based on OF:

Hypertrain (2018)
My latest one is Earth Analog (2021)

So keep up the good work!
Roy (nkm)


Wow! Earth Analog looks really good.

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Wow Roy. These look amazing! I’m teaching openFrameworks as part of an intro C++ course in a college game dev program. I’ll definitely be showing these to my students. Do you know of any other developers using oF for recent game projects? Any tips for using oF in a game dev context?

I am using OF primarily for this purpose, and I’m sure there are others…
@coding and @as1er mention their games in the forum thread about my adventure game demo I made for AdventureJam2020 -
Currently working on the full version…

And also, there is @mkrebs and his game -


Thanks for the leads mr.Bitmap! These look awesome as well.

I guess each developer using oF for games ends up writing their own game engine?

Great stuff mr.Bitmap!

I guess each developer using oF for games ends up writing their own game engine?

For me writing my own engine is part of the fun! oF gives this nice thin platform abstraction layer so that you don’t have to deal with the “boring” stuff. And since all is open-source you can easily adjust it to your needs.


Couldn’t agree more! Maybe there are even some engines in oF in form of some ofx addons, when it comes to my needs, I definitely need full C++ control over my games, and to have it, I must have my own “engine”, so to speak.
Well, each game made from scratch in C++ is in fact its own engine, because if you reuse it later, you’re practically building on your own engine.

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That makes a lot of sense @lgnkm and @mr.Bitmap. I totally get the full control thing. I imagine it’s also a “full understanding” thing too, as most existing engines are giant beasts, whereas with your own code you’ll have written (and hopefully understood) all of it.

wow @lgnkm, both Hypertrain and Earth Analog are beautiful looking games. Great to hear they were made with oF.

Some of the Earth Analog procedural fractal generation blows me away, among other things how did you achieve such high performance with the fractal generation?