Mutliple face tracking

Hello !

I am just training with oF and i am trying to deal with face detection.

I am using ofxFaceTracker addon from @kylemcdonald (thanks to him for this great addon) and it works great.
I am trying to push a little bit more and see if it is possible to track multiple faces but it doesn’t seem possible with ofxFaceTracker for now.

If not with ofxFaceTracker, what would be the way to go ?

thanks a lot.

Hello Gallo! I am looking for something similar too! May I ask if you have a solution yet?



unfortunately i did drop the oF option. I had a look into Cinder and Processing but didn’t dig too much.
I had much better luck using Quartz Composer but finally i ended up using Max/Jitter

Let us know if you find a solution in oF.



Try searching an example of haar cascades, then implement it for n faces.


Or here’s an old video, but I is probably outdated. It uses ofxCvHaarFinder.

Hope it helps a bit.

Thanks a lot! I will look into it :))) x

this OS X addon works well for multi face tracking

i find it even finds much smaller faces than ofxfacetracker and faces in all sorts of orientations.

or here my attempt to use ofxFaceTracker for multi face detection.
with thanks to @kylemcdonald for his help.