Music video made with OF, Unity and Deep Dream

Hey, so I’ve been working on this music video for the past few months and am really excited to finally release it! Check it out on vimeo if you don’t like waiting for things to buffer, or on my site(in the bottom right corner) if you want a higher quality video.

The abstract visuals during the bridge are all done with custom shaders in openFrameworks, whereas the 3D part was prototyped in OF and then eventually ported to Unity. After everything was screen capped, it all got passed through Deep Dream for the curve detection (no eyeballs or slug-dogs, I promise). Would absolutely love to hear any feedback or questions.

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Nice job, very cool

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Thanks man, I really appreciate that! In case you or anyone else is interested, I wrote up a short blog post about the process that’s received a lot of good attention. It’s even a staff pick on the site!

Hey there, I cannot seem to locate your blog post about the process. I am doing a similar project for my Masters degree using OpenFrameworks and Deep Dream, so any sort of documentation about your project is very appreciated.

Thank you!