Music Recognition

Hello, I am very much new to OF. I want to develop a simple music recognition app like Shazam. I have experience in c and python. But I have never done any multimedia related programming. So can any one suggest some addons and library functions that might be helpful in this project.
I need following things:

  1. Audio input through microphone
  2. Advance Math library
  3. Decent GUI
  4. Database and file handling

I’ve done some audio analysis-stuff in OF, mainly with ofxAudioAnalyzer which uses the Essentia lib.
I remember the add-on (or Essentia) used to have some memory-leaks (or I made them…)
After a while I mainly used Essentia without the add-on.
I think this algorithm will be suitable for fingerprint / Shazam-stuff: Chromaprinter

For GUI I think ofxGui is easy to use, see the OF addons examples (3).
See the OF sound examples for audio input (1).

I manage stuff with files easily with the ofFile class with readToBuffer();

Hopes this helps out a bit :slight_smile:

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for file handling you could try ofxAudioFile:

music recognition is much more easily made with machine learning, i had some nice hints from this course (it’s free if you just audit)

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Thank you Jildert.
I am working on a windows environment. Maybe the Essentia lib is not available in windows. But I only need the Chromaprinter algorithm. Is there any alternative to this algorithm which compiles in windows??

Bulding on Windows:

(note it is GPL licensed)

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Hey @hamoid can you give me head start on chromaprint library. I can not find any decent resource on how to use it.

Hi @maruf03 Sorry but I’ve never used it. I was only looking up the information for you :slight_smile: