Muse EEG headset and openFrameworks


I am beginning to write an application that communicates with the Muse headset ( but I am stuck trying to add the Muse iOS library (libmuse) to my OF project (I have a libmuse.a file and all of the Muse SDK header files).

Does anybody have any experience with this device or any advice on how to extend my OF project with the library?



I used the Muse headset in a project and rather than using the sdk, I simply started Museio and used ofxOSC to listen for osc messages from it. From there you can parse them by their headers (i.e. /muse/elements/alpha_relative). Take a look at the OSCReceive OF example and you’ll see what I mean. This method worked really well, and I’d highly recommend it.


Thanks for the reply, I have looked into using OSC but I am interested in writing a standalone application.

Do you know if it is possible to run MuseIO in Xcode?


No idea, sorry. Muse also has a forum; that might be a good place to ask too.


@jackgoodwin hey did you managed to build the custom app or integrate de libmuse to OF
i was looking to do the same