multiWindowExample, includes & shared pointers


i have a project based on the multiwindows example. i have variables and objects i’d like to share with my guiApp.cpp that are declared and used in my ofApp.h and .cpp files, respectively. however, when i #include “ofApp.h”, the build breaks and the gui objects that are declared as shared objects are flagged as undefined identifiers. how can i share variable and objects while using shared pointers?

i added dummy variables, blah and blahblah in my ofApp.h in the image (taken from the multiwindow example). if i wanted to access these in other classes, how would i be able to if i can’t #include “ofApp.h” in my guiApp class?


apprently, it works if i add #include ‘ofApp.h’ to guiapp, it works. what the difference between including a .h file in the header and app file?