Multitouch windows

By check-up the gui on a surface pro i see its not multitouch
I m in néed of créating à user interface multitouch
How can this be achieved? What is the Best way to write an app with multiples points ?

Thanks à lot

instead of using the following mouse callback functions of ofApp:

void mouseMoved( int x, int y ){}
void mouseDragged( int x, int y, int button ){}
void mousePressed( int x, int y, int button ){}
void mouseReleased(int x, int y, int button ){}
void mouseScrolled(int x, int y, float scrollX, float scrollY ){}

use the following touch callbacks in the ofApp:

void touchDown(int x, int y, int id) {};
void touchMoved(int x, int y, int id) {};
void touchUp(int x, int y, int id) {};
void touchDoubleTap(int x, int y, int id) {};
void touchCancelled(int x, int y, int id) {};

just declare these on your ofApp and it will work like magic.

As for the GUI, you’ll need to implement it your self unless you find an addon that already does. check


thank you. is the mouse still working with touch context ?

Hum… so multi Touch is not nativ in OpenFrameworks. on each wrapper are you relying ?

which addOn should download , in the mind being crossplatform and maintained ?

teh w8 multtouch add on on windows cause troubles to vs2015 on w10

@christoph im sorry, I just checked and it will not grab the touch events by default.
go to and search for touch. there are a few implementations for windows touchs.

Thanks à lot :wink:

ok, with VS 2015 on W10, actually none of the touch add ons are working properly… (compilation errors, or nothing happening)

does anybody can help me just to put the hand on the correct manner to include the x y of multitouch on a screen with windows version of openFrameworks?

i was thinking this should be a core library in openFrameworks… :frowning:


[EDIT] ok, the winHook seems to work…