Multitouch Physics Game

Here is the demo of my little physics game ported to multitouch version

I dont have the real name for this game yet, and also graphic need to be improved as well.

coded with openframeworks and box2d


(the flicking was from video convert, the orignal game was still and clear)

BTW, if any of you guys has idea of how to make the game more fun it’s welcome to hear.

wow nice works man…

Looks great :slight_smile:

Will any of this be opensource?

I was just trying to do this for a round world with opencv and box2d. Can you share the code?

Since the project is still in developing, I wont put it totally opensource yet, the coded there is completly mess.

but if anyone insterted the I can provide some code pieces. some cpp files.

Just post me a message, I can send to you or post here.