Multitouch application framework


I have recently begun a project to create a Multitouch application framework and its currently in its research phase :D).

We have yet to even decide which coding language to use in this project and the most likely ones is java and C++.

Feel free to make suggestions, it would be very apprieciated. Or ask questions.

Thanks in advance!! // DJompe

Hi DJompe,

Have you joined We have a whole forum of people with multitouch setups.

If you search ‘tbeta’ on openframeworks forum you’ll see we wrote a multitouch tracker using openframeworks and have most of the people at nuigroup using it will a lot of success.

Would be great to work together on some of this :slight_smile:

thanks!! I have joined the forum u suggested.

I have posted the same over at

But still if anyone has any suggestions they are more than welcome!!

At the moment it seems that we’re going to use java. The JFlash player sure seem nice though have just checked out the trial version with some demonstration example in it. Though its not open source :frowning:
Gnash is another way to go maybe via JNI maybe?

Thanks guys


I’m also working on some multitouch applications. Both with tables, but also how you can use it for performances on stage (where whole stage is a “multitouchtable”). I don’t think i really understand what you want to do! As i see this type of app’s have two phases, first phase is the tracking part (which can be different with different setups). Here i use tBeta because it is very robust, and got some nice calibration, and works with all types of programs (flash, java, c++ etc). That send then TUIO through OSC to my oF application, where i then convert the messages into class objects i can use in my own framework for my applications. So the work i have to do is simply using the tracked coordinates in my own of Apps’ just as if it was mouses. So not very different from other oF apps.