Multisampling on Ubuntu?

Hi, I’m trying to use multisampling on Ubuntu Linux.

I tried glut solution of using glutInitDisplayString( "rgb double depth alpha samples>=4 "); and also tried using ofGLFWWindowSettings settings; settings.numSamples=16;

But none of these seemed to work.
There’s a huge difference in quality between Mac and Ubuntu because I can’t use multisampling on Ubuntu.

Is there anyway to use multisampling on Ubuntu?
I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

Multi-sampling on Linux should work using the GLFW/GLUT settings. It may be dependent on your video card and driver. What are you using?

EDIT: Also please post Linux specific questions in the Linux section…thanks!

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I’m actually running Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro.
I think that’s why it can’t use multisampling. I will test this on the real Linux device later.
Thank you very much for your answer!

A Macbook Pro is actually a real Linux device :wink:
It should work, but maybe there’s a bug related to Apple hardware.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten 4x antialiasing working on my Intel HD4000 card.

I’m guessing you are running the Mesa OpenGL driver on an Intel Integrated GPU.

If you update your drivers you might have some luck.

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