Multiply blendMode and Alpha

When I use blendMode (MULTIPLY) and the alpha of the image is less than 255 --using ofSetColor(255, 255, 255, alpha) — the whole image gets brighter, going against the usual behaviour of this effect (as you can see in Photoshop) where whites disappear to reveal the background.

I found this post with some solutions:

but all of them are outdated or won’t run in current OF+Xcode. This shouldn’t be a bug in the Multiply implementation of blendMode?

Anyone had this problem or have any tip or workaround to solve it?

Thanks for any help!

Hi, I am still using of ver 0.9.8 and cannot help but the solution was using a shader and it shouldn’t be a problem to use a shader in the current version. What exactly did you have a problem with?