Multiple windows

Hi all.

Not sure if this is a question for the advanced forums, so I apologise if not.
I am coding a VJ application and am wondering about the possibilites of creating multiple windows at startup.

What I am after here is one window (main) for the output, and one (secondary) for the GUI, but, I would like to be able to display the output in the gui window aswell. I am using FBO’s for most of my rendering since I am applying post-processing effects to everything, but my questing is can I create multiple windows running OpenGL and can they share textures?

Thanks in advance.

at the moment oF is based on GLUT, which only allows one window to be open at a time. v0.06 includes the ability to use a different window manager other than GLUT, but until that comes out, and until someone creates said multi-window OpenGL window manager, you’re stuck with using only 1 window i’m afraid.

Mm thats not true damian. Glut does support multiple windows, and i have managed to get two windows drawn in oF, but i faced to many problems with addons and libraries that wasn’t able to handle multiple draws etc… But it is possible to change of to support it.

I think it’s called subwindows

This is how I handle a multi windows setup for this setup (GUI and output):
I setup the OF application to 2048x768 fullscreen and then output two separate 1024x768 screens.

Hi Alexandre,
could i ask how you do this exactly?
i have a gui app, where i draw the parameters and an ofApp where i draw a video. i would like to have them both on different screens. I know the resolution of the first screen but the second might change, depends on the projector that is available.
Could you help me with this?