Multiple viewports

Hi I’m new to openframeworks and C++ windows programming, as such any help would be awesome. So my question is I want to render a 3d object from 4 sides i.e. front, back, left and right an i want it all to be in perspective view, what would be the best way to accomplish this, I have this working in processing but the performance isn’t up to par so i thought i’d give OF try.

But basically in processing what i was doing was creating 4 viewports openGL and then loading the collada in those viewports. Is there a better way to do this in C++? And if this is the best way how would i go about doing the same using OF?


So no one has any ideas on how to get multiple viewports?

Hey hey,

I would suggest you look into Frame Buffer Objects (FBOs). It’s basically rendering your objects to a texture, that you can then draw whichever way you like.

So you could create 4 FBOs and render your object from 4 sides into one FBO each and then just draw the 4 textures side by side.