Multiple split views of files in CodeBlocks editor?

I’m a new student of openFrameworks. I’ve got everything installed in my Windows 7 laptop and executed the first example project successfully. Code::Blocks looks great but I’m having one small irritation. As a former user of Eclipse, I am accustomed to splitting files several different ways in the edit window. For example, with files A, B, and C open in Eclipse one could have files A and B split horizontally with A’s text above B’s. The upper panel could be further split vertically to have C’s text sharing the upper area with A.
CB lets you open multiple files under tabs and permits a file to be split – which is convenient. But I can’t find a way to have two or more files open simultaneously and perhaps even further subdivided as mentioned above for Eclipse. Have I missed something or is there a limitation on the splitting operation?

I found this discussion in a CodeBlocks forum:,17663.0.html

So it is possible to view two or more files at one time but with some odd behavior.