Multiple platforms with single source base

I’ve been using oF for a couple of years now, but the one thing I’m still not sure about is how separate the platform addons (Android and iOS) are to the rest of the oF source. I’d really like to have one oF folder instead of separate oF-iOS, oF-OSX, oF-Android folders each with largely the same base code - is this possible? Advisable?

It’s not the end of the world if I should keep separate folders for each version - I already do this for ofxQNX because it requires a patched oF - but it sure would increase the amount of free space on my Dropbox if I could merge :slight_smile:

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hm, are you saying you are working with the different release downloads from in that case, just use the github repo instead, it has everything in it. if you don’t use git with OF and/or really want to save space, instead of the git repo (which is about 1.3GB iirc) you can use snapshots at the release points which are tagged in the repo: