Multiple inputs

Hi, I am a new user of OF (so new I am planning my first project but have spent some time tinkering with the examples), I am attempting to make a simple project that will control the volume of up to 8 live audio inputs and output a mix to a stereo pair. I have been searching around to find which add-on or library will best achieve this, and have not found a definitive answer.

I am on mac, and the audio interface I am looking to use is core audio compliant on OSX. If I set it as default hardware in my sound control panel I can get the simple audio input and output examples to work. I would like to be able to flexibly configure 8 of its inputs (it does support full duplex) and adjust the volume depending on conditions.

I thought I would ask this before I got going to minimise possible dead ends.

Many thanks

The best option I think would be to use the low level ofSoundStream() function. See the audioOutputExample and audioInputExample. You would need to combine both of those examples into one application, and extend them to use 8 channels of input.

Here’s a post on multichannel audio use in RtAudio ( the audio backend used in ofSoundStream)

Also, ofSoundStream() doesn’t yet allow you to select anything but the default audio device. Here’s one post that shows code how to open a specific device by id:

If you run into trouble, just post your code.