Multiple Angle/Axis Rotation a 3D Model loaded with ofxAssimpModelLoader


I’m trying to figure out how to rotate a 3D Model,

All I can find is the following func void ofxAssimpModelLoader::setRotation(int which, float angle, float rot_x, float rot_y, float r_z)

The problem unless I’m misunderstanding this function is that it only lets me rotate the Model on one specific Angle and it’s on all Axis that I enable.

I’ve tried stacking multiple “setRotation” but the last one will overwrite the previous one,

Considering that most 3D Model loaded with that addon are upside down I already need to rotate them up by 180 degree to begin with …

Is there a way to individually rotate every Axis with a different Angle ?

Nevermind, I realized I could use ofRotate functions and such …

I kept looking too hard for something related to 3D Models only, my bad :sweat_smile: