Multiplatform controller addon?

howdy folks.

im darting around using lua, sdl and all other manner of things. but one thing i really need to know with openframeworks, is is there any xbox controller addon that is not platform specific?

i have looked time and time again, but either things are out of date and dont work or they dont exist. but would have thought there would have been something concrete.

i did find this


but they are not working at al or well enough to keep working with them.

does anyone have an addon, or even some wise knowledge in getting controllers, such as xbox 360/playstation controller to work within openframeworks?

many thanks if you can help. just have not seen anything.
its either that, or maybe i could just use SDL from within openframeworks to handle things like joysticks. ill have a try


if you are ok using a GLFW window, you can use or access the joystick directly yourself, its quite easy.

oooh, ill give that a look. thanks

just to ask a bit further on your second suggestion.
how could i access it directly? i just dont know how, so help is more than welcome :wink:

plus if i know how to do it directly without an add-on that would be cool, since im trying to use ofxLua without using SWIG to bind anything. trying to use oF for making games, thats why :wink:

Just look at the source of ofxGLFWJoystick.

groove balls. ill have a look soon