Multimonitor eyeinfinity general advice

Hello, I’m new here and with Openframeworks and would like a general advice about how to start a proyect.
I’ve seen a lot experimented users around and searched a lot through the forum and have some info to start, but I’d like to hear some opinions from you guys. This is not to get in depth in technical how to’s but instead lead me to further investigations with an overall info :slight_smile:

My future proyect will consist of moving 3 or 4 displays of HD video (1080) with one computer with windows 7. There will be text includes over the video I would get from XML inputs. And those videos could be changed on the fly by external input (some kind of editable playlist). First hardware aproach is a beefy high end radeon with SSD drives and i7 CPU with 16 1600 ddr3 ram…So there goes the questions:

  • What libraries would you use?
  • Would you rather play one big video fullscreen over all displays with eyeinfinity or multiple synced videos? how would you (loosely explained) implement it?
  • Would you use threaded video players?
  • Would you load video/videos in ram?
  • Ati radeon or Firepro? I want to do it all with one videocard.

and any other thing I should take into consideration

Thank you in advance for you time reading me and posting back.