Multi Windows Cross Platform Dev

Hy OF users !

I have create a multi windows app with Xcode, that’s work great, but I used an hacked version ofxNsWindower for that (only Mac). So i have a admin window (fixed size), and a render window (fullscreen or resizable).

Now i’m looking to rewrite my files for a cross-plateform solution.

I searched and found different way, but this subject is constantly out of date because of addons improve and platform OS update.

What is the best way to create a crossplateform multi windows app (PC/MAC) ?

If you have any experience in that, thanks for share :slight_smile:


I’m about to give you advice on stuff that I have not tried myself, but it’s hopefully better than nothing :wink:

If you clone or download the bleeding edge version of oF from github, there are two examples that seem like they would be helpful to you:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for help, I have some troubles to compile on Pc for moment, but it’s look what I need.

I finally use this addon :

Win & Mac compatible, key events, mouse events, drag/drop events, all in one addon.

Thanks Charles !

When you close the app (second window), there is an error that i don’t understand…