Multi platform (desktop and mobile) BLE communication possible solutions

Sorry I’ve some experience with C++ and OF but never touched a mobile application. So I don’t know anything about iOS or Android.

I need to make an app with BLE ( an arduino is sending data via a BLE module).
My app has to run at least in Mac OS/X and in iPhone. Possibly in Android too.

Right now I’m developing with a node.js bridge application that reads data from BLE through noble module ( ) and forward received data through OSC.
OF app is reading OSC messages. I’m developing on Mac OS/X.
It works like a charm.

I like this because I’ve decoupled the data visualisation (OF, OpenGL, portable stuffs) with the hardware based thing (the BLE and bluetooth thing). In this way I can do not change at all the visualisation part and just write a simple BLE to OSC for mac, iOS, android, linux, raspberry, etc.

But it is quite complicated to launch:
Go in the shell, open the node application, launch OF.

I would like to let the OF app to launch the node app but I’ve troubled a little bit with fork and execl and I didn’t managed.

Then I’m not even sure that I can send OSC messages on localhost inside an iOS (the bridge that receives from BLE and send OSC application can be killed? has to run in background?). In Android I think it is possible.

Can anyone give me any kind of hints?
Can i find a simplest solution? My main aim is to have a portable thing. Am I in the right way?