Msys and VS installs concurrently on Win 10

Hello All,

I initally started installing oF through the msys64 install for Win 10. I compiled oF and the project generator for msys64. From here, and a couple of complications with Qt, I decided to go with the VS 2017 installer. Everything went smoothly with VS, but upon compilation and build of projects I’m receiving many errors (over 50). Is this due to the cross-installation? If so, and I’d like to keep the VS '17 install, how would I go about removing the msys64 build and project generator?

Thank you all in advance.

no, the msys and vs installs won’t interfere with each other, the install is contained in it’s own folder and everything that the msys2 install script installs is contained in the msys2 environment

@arturo I want to ask a a related question somehow if you don’t mind.
If everything is contained in the OF folder, if I paste it to the exact same OS, I just have to install_dependencies in order for OF to work, without recompiling ?
It’s for Raspbian.
Also where are the dependencies installed ?
Sorry for borrowing time but those questions are on my mind and it would save me a lot of it.

yes in linux just running the install dependencies script you should be able to run applications from one machine to another as long as they have the same operating system version.

in other os usually you don’t need to install anything at all.

the dependencies in linux are just system packages

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@arturo thank you. I believe everything is working properly now.