hi, just wondering if anyone has an example of using MSARootViewController from the latest ofxiPhone addon.

was thinking it would be nice to have the settings page of my app on a separate page.


to be honest MSARootViewController is left over from when I first checked in ofxiPhone to the svn about a year ago! it was just a file I was using stuck in the folder. I used that as the view controller for Gold Dust and Pollock and Meshmerizer (scrolling pages, save images to library etc.) but I don’t use it in any of the newer apps. I don’t think it should even be in ofxiPhone but I haven’t removed it in case someone is using it and I don’t want to break compatibility. It’s been a while since I’ve used it so i can’t remember what exactly it does or what to do with it!

ah ok, no worries.
building a screen manager should be pretty straight forward and I guess I can switch between different screens by choosing which one to draw…
was just wondering if there’s some special iPhone black magic that needs to be done when managing views…

memo: any specific reason you abandoned the MSARootViewController? Would be great to get some general tips on a good way of managing multiple UKKit views + the EAGLView.

What is you input on this… should I let my ofxIPhoneApp handle the switching between different UIViews, or should I have some kind of “ApplicationViewController : UIViewController” that manages this? (something like your MSARootViewController I guess…)

I looked a bit at…-ne-dev-757 on how he added a UIView on top of the of EAGLView, and it seems he implemented the actual view switching in the ofApp (toggling the views in the testApp::touchDoubleTap).

Has anyone had any luck implementing this?

I liked the direction Memo was going with the MSARootViewController… But, in the meantime, I think I’ll just implement the solution in the link provided above. I’ll be happy to post a how-to once I’m done…