MSAPhysics loop through own particle child class // c++ syntax ?

Hey I added a child class to MSAParticles to add some custom properties, now I want in the draw loop to give them different colors saved in a custom color property

for(int i=0; i<physics.numberOfParticles(); i++) {  
	//Physics::Particle3D *p = physics.getParticle(i);  
	TT_Particle *p = physics.getParticle(i);  

I then get the error:
invalid conversion from ‘MSA::Physics::ParticleT<MSA::Vec3 >*’ to ‘TT_Particle*’

which makes kind of sense, but TT_Particle extends ParticleT so I would have thought it should be fine. So the question is how can I make getParticle() except child classes of ParticleT.

or alternatively how can I roll with the parent class but then check for custom properties in the particle which are nor defined in the parent class (ParticleT in this case) but in the child class, like p->ttcolor

Those are the names of template, not a class name, I think you want to do:

MSA::Physics::ParticleT<MSA::Vec3<float> >*p = physics.getParticle(i);  

you can read up more on templates here:±faq-lite/templates.html