MSAOpenCL error Creating clDevice.

I met a problem in testing the MSAOpenCL example.
I use Win7 32bit + Code blocks to build the test environment, and I also install the AMD app sdk 2.0 and the lastet Catalyst 12.4 for my ATI 5770 Graphic Card,
Since I added all the addons needed in this example, built and run, the program showed a error log:

OF:OF_LOG_ERROR: Error Creating clDevice.

It seems that my graphic card could not be recognized by the opencl?
Is there any ways I can get through this?

OpenCL is very tricky and the OpenCL context can be created a number of different ways. You may want to try creating the OpenCL context without binding it to the OpenGL context.

I have only ever gotten MSAOpenCL examples to work on an Mac, where OpenCL is turn-key simple.

Do other OpenCL programs, like an opencl bitcoin miner or luxrender/slg renderer, run on your computer? Every OpenCL development package (from Intel, Nvidia, or AMD) I have used includes a program that lists all the OpenCL devices in use on the computer based on what drivers are installed.

OpenCL, at the moment, is not user friendly. You are on your own if you want to get it going in openframeworks. You may want to ditch the addon, and try to incorporate code from an example from your SDK into your openframeworks app.

If you want to experiment with OpenCL I would try PyOpenCL.

Also, I would ditch Windows.