MSAFluid particles render problem

Hello everybody,

I’m quite a new on openframeworks, so maybe this is quite an stupid thing.

I just compiled the MSAFluids example, and when running it, I get this weird thing instead of particles:


It does look like lines / triangles instead of points…

Does somebody know what I’m doing wrong here?

I’m compiling in VS 2010.



I had this happen too. I “fixed” it by changing the following line in ParticleSystem.cpp -



glDrawArrays(GL_LINES, 0, MAX_PARTICLES * 2);

A little bit late… but thanks!!!

wow thats strange that that happens! Looks nice though :slight_smile: I"ll look into it.

I also found this some time ago, but I added a shader to control the particles and the results were realy nice.

looks awesome! I did something similar for the depeche mode video a while ago, though rendered GL_LINES (and GL_LINE_STRIP) instead of triangles.