MSAFluid & Box2d

My current project mixes Memo’s ofxMSAFluid with Vanderlin’s ofxBox2d in a multitouch environmentThe Physicobjects are affected by the fluids and vicaversa. It should have a primordial soup feeling. Code is very messy yet.
greetings ascorbin

very cool.
any video yet?

that looks really great ascorbin!

looks wicked! primordial soup, i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

looks great
but where is the video??!! :smiley:

no video yet.

nice cant wait to see the video :slight_smile:


i am doing the same but i want to make like Explosions when they have a collision

i can obtain info for Box2D in the place were they have a collision…


He johnavilla2
i put an example for contactlistener here ->±of006/1603/0
greetings ascorbin