MSA Physics

I’m trying to run an example from the MSA physics library. I might have done something wrong adding the addons because the error I’m getting is
#include <boost/preprocessor/seq.hpp>”

I’ve attched a photo to show where my boost files are.


delete example,boost,cinder folders and in oF addons create a folder named ofxMSAPhysics and copy/paste only the src folder.

Do cinder and boost need to be in another folder?

cinder and boost folders are there only for cinder example, you dont need these for oF project.

It seems Physics needs the cinder files.

Ok… I create a project for you based in msaphysics example. (see attached files here)

1- download addons from here and extract in oF addons folder.
2- download example project and extract in oF/apps/myApps/.
3- build&run.

All the best.

Wow! this made my day. Thanks so much:)