MS Kinect face tracking and Visual Studio

These questions are mostly aimed at Ben McChesney, creator of the ms kinect face tracking addon- Posting here in the forum for reference…

I’m new to Windows/Visual Studio and the MS Kinect SDK, and want to work with the default Microsoft Kinect SDK toolkit examples and OF together. Ben’s repo’s seem to mix these 2 really well.

  • Do you know if it’s possible to capture the skeleton and face tracking data together? Not sure if I should modify your face specific example, or modify the ‘Skeleton Basics- D2D’ from the default Windows Kinect SDK toolkit.
  • How did you get OF into the toolkit example ‘Face Tracking Visualisation’?
  • Any point trying to get this working in CodeBlocks?

And more of a general question… how do you find using Visual Studio with Openframeworks? I’m still not sure about adding libraries/addons etc.

Thanks for this.

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Reply from Ben…

I hear you about visual studio, that’s why I approached the project like I did :slight_smile: The c++ syntax is so terse for all the microsoft libs. I believe it is possible to do both close range skeleton and face tracking at the same time. The microsoft libs just ask for a depth / rgb image then do all the calculations so once you have the images you can do what you like with them.

I got OF into the kinect example by adding in the core OF libs ( ignoring ones I didn’t need like pixel classes ) and included ofxOsc.
It won’t work in codeblocks unless you set the compiler to use the visual studio compiler. But I can never get that to work as OF / Code::blocks is meant to work with the gcc compiler. Visual Studio is ok, it’s just slightly more painful then code::blocks because there’s no recursive folder add. the debugger is good though.