Mrmr Example with OF Under Windows

I recently saw some sweet installations that used the iPhone mrmr application to allow multiple users to connect to and control an application simultaneously. I had a hard time finding resources or examples of code for getting this running under Windows, (certainly nothing on this forum) so I spent some time rolling my own. (Most of the tools on the site sound really simple and useful, but aren’t available for Windows.)

So here is my sample in a project for MSVS 2008:

This sample sets up a Bonjour server on the network, an ofTCPClient to transfer the mrmr interface, and an OSC listener to receive mrmr commands. You should just be able to run it, have an iPhone mrmr client find your OF app, connect and control the simple visuals.

I don’t believe that this sample is cross-platform, as it relies on some Bonjour Windows SDK code, but if any OSX users get it working, please let me know.

To compile, I imagine it will take some work to reset the various project links and include paths, or just copy the source files into a project you already know to work. Do take care to add a reference to the library dnssd.lib found in the /lib/ folder.

To compile, you may need to download and install the Bonjour-SDK-for-Windows, though this should not be necessary.

If anyone is able to get this working, please let me know if you have any success or trouble. I hope this is helpful…

hi Jez,
i am trying to get Bonjour working with oF on Windows and i am very interested in how you implemented it. unfortunately the link you provided is dead. do you still have that example?

would be great!

thanks in advance!