mplayer for media playback

mplayer is a very advanced (when not the most advanced) open source media player that plays back literally hundreds of formats and codecs. It also supports a huge range of output drivers but the best part about it is that its multiplattform and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and even ARM Linux so Android could be covered too so in my opinion this would be a great alternative to the current quicktime solution.

Project page with some more info:
Gigantic list of currently supported codecs:

MPlayer is great, indeed. Problem is though, that it is GPL licensed. AFAIK GPL is not compatiible with OFs MIT licence…

Right there was that :confused:
But it would atleast be possible to make an official addon I guess?
You ofxFenster Addon has/had(?) a similar problem with Ghost:

Yes, I did have the same problem, that’s why I switched to glfw

But yes, you can always create an addon with GPL licensed libraries. But then your addon and all software that uses it will be GPL as well. (not that this has to be a problem)

btw: amüsanter nick :wink:

Oh neat didn’t know about that maybe that solves my crash issue with the “old” ofxFenster :smiley:
Will it be integrated in the official master branch sometime?

Where is actually the main diffrence between those licenses? Or why is an GPL license not so much “wanted” as an MIT license?

(ähm danke :D)

yes, there is already a PR pending. But it needs some more testing. So please go ahead :slight_smile:

The main difference between GPL and MIT is that with GPL you are not allowed to use it in closed source environement if you plan on distributing the product.

MIT licensed libraries can be used in either way.