MPJEG ofVideoGrabber in Windows

I see there’s a few posts about getting Windows to use compressed formats with cameras but no recent ones. Is there any easy way or addon for getting Windows to work with MJPEG? Seems like should be possible with some hacking but don’t have time to go down a video rabbit hole at the moment. Will probably switch to Linux for now if there’s nothing already out there. Thanks!

UPDATE: Found that I have one webcam that runs 1280x720 at 120FPS as I think it only supports MJPEG at that resolution so seems like MJPEG does work if there’s no other option.

OK, I have a hacky solution. For any future people that want to force mjpeg on windows, you can add the following line of code in ofDirectShowGrabber::setup(int w, int h)


…above this line…

bool bOk = VI.setupDevice(device, width, height);

Still something strange happening as I’m getting 90fps rather than 120fps but that’s a lot better than 10fps.