Moving project folder inside another folder error

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I’m just beginner here, I would like to know how to move project inside a folder in ‘/apps’ because I want to archive unused project but still want to be able to open it later in the future.
for examples: moving folder from ‘/apps’ into ‘/apps/oldProjects’
After I moved and opened the project again, it throws an error about cannot find part of the path of openFrameworks library. How can I update the path in visual studio 2017?

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Your projects need to be two levels below the main oF folder, which is usually oF_directory/apps/myApps/projectFolder. You can however set up a new folder structure like oF_directory/apps/myOtherApps/myOldProject and that should work fine. Also what would work is oF_directory/oldApps/someOtherFolder/thatOtherProject.

Once you move a project, run Project Generator and run update on the project folder and it should be all good.

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Thank you so much