Moving box 3d updating position of gui

Hello all

I am trying to make a addon of, moving a camera around a scene, like the camera in 3dsmax
at the moment that camera is represented by a cube.
i can move and rotate the cube with an on screen gui, but i can’t figure out how to update the position and rotation
of the gui after the cube has been moved

the keys commands are q = move
and w = rotation

any help would be great, and i this will be super useful for me in the future-)

i wanted to set up the structure of the add-on from the start, so it is living in separate class that the moment, but i could put it into the test-app if it will be easy for someone to help

movingCubeAround 0_0_4 (117.7 KB)

The camera and all the 3D objects in OF all extend ofNode, which means that they can be parented to one another. Check out the cameraParentingExample in examples/3D to see how that works, it’s pretty cool.

thanks for the info, i had a look and it looks the right thing, but i am having a problem,
onces i have applied the rotation from the ofnode, i cant right the rotation in to the Vertex of the mesh, this is
stopping me from being able to select the mesh from the mouse

Ben (40.5 KB)