MovieSaverforMac from Zach doesn't work with OSX 10.6.1?

I got movieSaver for Mac Zach made at

It works with 0.06 xcode IMac 10.5.x but doesn’t compile with 0.06 xcode MacBookPro 10.6.1.
The error message is

float timeForQt = 1 / frameLengthInSecs; <- Crosses initialization of ‘float timeForQt’

Does anyone succeed with 10.6.1?

i think that’s a new behaviour of GCC 4.2.
but you can solve it easily:
declare timeForQt at the beginning of the function:
float timeForQt = 0;

and then change the line with the error to:
timeForQt = 1 / frameLengthInSecs;


Thank jroge, now it work by changing the code as below without declaring any value.

float timeForQt;
timeForQt = 1 / frameLengthInSecs;